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They say in the professional world, often times it's about who you know. Life at 4M is about healthy living and collaboration, and connecting likeminded freelancers with different expertise and backgrounds to one another through a revolutionary, curated, co-living and co-working experience. 


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4M_Concept2_finalBuild Your Network, Expand Your Skills

Freelancers that live with 4M come from many career backgrounds and bring a broad array of expertise to our communities. Direct interaction among these professionals comes organically through shared living and workspaces, and most times, elevates everyone involved. 

Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to launch your own business? Imagine the benefits a relationship with a marketing, sales, strategy, or technical expert might add to your startup process. 

What if you're a development ninja with the codebase for a revolutionary app? The entrepreneur, content pro, or creative designer can certainly accelerate your progress. 

Whatever your professional goals, the interconnected experience at 4M is guaranteed to broaden your hard and soft skills, expand your network, and accelerate your ability to reach those career objectives. 

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About 4M

At 4M, our innovative curation experience enables career growth for freelancers through healthy living and collaboration in Ann Arbor, Michigan – one of America’s top-rated cities.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. 4M helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives leverage the share economy by living and working in a highly affordable, focused, and effective fashion.

  2. The 4M campus offers a phenomenal landing spot for freelancers and creatives where efficient work and enterprise acceleration can be achieved. The 4M team delivers a meticulously curated freelance experience, structured to provide community, a regional network of self-employment resources, and properly managed group events at a regular interval.

  3. 4M uses a combination of a high powered, advanced technology network and adaptive Best Practices to create a healthy, safe environment for tenants.

Learn more about our total offering at The 4M Experience