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Healthy Collaboration

Around the world, our awareness and sensitivity for health and safety has escalated. At 4M, we've reinvented our Housing-as-a-Service (HaaS) living experience for freelance professionals to ensure a level of personal wellbeing you might not find anywhere else. 


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HealthyCollaborationInfographic_v4Career Growth with Added Peace of Mind

Many of the cares associated with the general process of renting a home are removed when freelance professionals live with 4M. Not only in the convenience and value of our revolutionary curation approach, but also in the advanced measures we've taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagine a health and safety network driven by artificial intelligence and connected IOT devices. And where else can you access, from your own device, real-time personal health, hazard and risk, and workspace cleanliness and availability information? 

There's also the assurance of clean, fresh, recirculated air in every 4M building, and environmentally-friendly living surfaces that have been cleaned regularly and evenly with electrostatic sprayers. 

How many of these features and functions are in your home right now? With 4M, these are just the beginning of our healthy, collaborative career growth ecosystem that serves as the ideal launchpad for freelancers. See all the advantages by submitting the form above and downloading our comprehensive infographic. 

About 4M

At 4M, our innovative curation experience enables career growth for freelancers through healthy living and collaboration in Ann Arbor, Michigan – one of America’s top-rated cities.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. 4M helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives leverage the share economy by living and working in a highly affordable, focused, and effective fashion.

  2. The 4M campus offers a phenomenal landing spot for freelancers and creatives where efficient work and enterprise acceleration can be achieved. The 4M team delivers a meticulously curated freelance experience, structured to provide community, a regional network of self-employment resources, and properly managed group events at a regular interval.

  3. 4M uses a combination of a high powered, advanced technology network and adaptive Best Practices to create a healthy, safe environment for tenants.

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